In the Early Childhood Education stage our students develop social, emotional and cognitive skills, strengthening the foundations for future learning.

We develop an educational program for children from the age of three and upwards, designed for the integral development of the child.

Our highly trained teachers work in partnership with families to ensure that each child has the best opportunities to learn and grow.

Disciplines such as music, art, pre-sports and outdoor activities help children develop their creativity and curiosity.

The program is taught bilingually in Spanish and English.

We approach the Primary Education stage with a focus on reading and on the creation and application of content by the students.

Our educational project develops reading comprehension and critical thinking skills, creativity and communication skills.

Our teachers are committed to providing a safe and welcoming learning environment with an active and collaborative approach.

The program is taught bilingually in Spanish and English.

Other languages: German and French as a compulsory second foreign language throughout primary school.

We have a project with a pedagogical vocation aimed at transforming the daily life of society.

The academic activities developed at this stage are based on the motto “We think, we research, we reflect and we communicate”.

Through the development of different interdisciplinary projects in each of the different courses of the stage, we encourage and favor the concern for knowledge, research, critical thinking, communication and collaborative work.

These projects awaken and promote students’ interest in issues of current relevance while helping them to become aware of the areas that may be relevant to their academic and professional future.

At the end of the stage, our students have acquired the necessary training that allows them to freely choose the area in which they think they can best develop and opt in 4th ESO for those subjects that will allow them to face the chosen Baccalaureate modality.

Languages: English, French, German and Latin.

Our offer covers all the modalities provided by the LOMLOE: Arts, Sciences and Social Sciences with the different tracks within each one of them. At the same time we offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, which allows our students to obtain more specialized training in line with their professional interests.

Our objective at this stage is to develop skills and broaden knowledge to strengthen the competencies and skills of our students, so that they can access higher education at any university in the world with solvency and guaranteed success.

We foster critical thinking and consolidate students’ intellectual and personal maturity, enabling them to interact in today’s society with responsibility and autonomy.

Languages: English, French, German and Latin.